Fuzzy Floor
Cage Level
Habitat Extender

Parts and Installation

The Fuzzy Floor Cage Level for the Super Pet consists of:

  • One (1) Fuzzy Floor Cage Level
  • Two (2) long dowels for the front and back of the cage*
  • Two (2) short dowels for the cage sides*
  • *The Basement model has double the amount of dowels

    The Fuzzy Floor Cage Level may be installed at any height, although the level at which the doors hinge will interfere with opening the door.

    The system may be installed through the door openings without affecting the operation or security of the door. Simply thread the dowel through the loops at the door opening until the dowel meets up with the cage bars again. (See Picture 1-2)

    (Pic 1)

    (Pic 2)

    The loops fit through the vertical cage bars, extending to the outside of the cage where the acrylic dowels are inserted to secure the floor to the cage. (See Picture 3)

    (Pic 3)

    Begin by putting the Fuzzy Floor inside the cage. At the desired height, hold the loops through the cage bars and thread the acrylic dowel through the loops on the outside of the cage, securing the floor level to the cage. Repeat this process for the sides, finishing with the front.

    *Basement model installation-start with lower set of web loops

    Fuzzy Floor
    Cage Level
    Habitat Extender

    Maintenance and Washing Instructions

    The Fuzzy Floor system may be cleaned quickly and easily while it is installed in the cage by vacuuming the surface using the upholstery attachment on a vacuum cleaner. It is natural for the interior lining to shed a little as the floor gets worn in.

    For thorough cleaning, machine wash on cold and dry on low. The materials used are preshrunk although washing on hot or drying on high may cause additional shrinkage making reinstallation harder than necessary. Pocket and Basement models may be pulled inside out for washing although it is not usually necessary. Inserting the vacuum nozzle into the center prior to machine washing is generally sufficient. *

    *Applies to Pocketed and Basement Models.

    Acrylic dowels may be safely washed in hot soapy water or sanitized with any pet friendly sanitizer.

    If you have any problems or questions please feel free to call me @ (321) 373-7303 or email me karen@ferretaffair.com