About Us
Karen Young
Owner & Creator of Ferret Affair Floors

Sept. 1985
"I have no idea how or why animals steal our hearts. Just that they do!”

In 1985, on a mesa in New Mexico, an abandoned and injured albino ferret was found wondering and in much need of a forever home. His need was the beginning of my life-long need to share my home and heart with ferrets.

Every floor I make is made with love as I envision each ‘little one’ frolicking atop their new floor level or relaxing comfortably on top or inside for much needed rest.

I have developed caring relationships with many of my customers and am commonly referred to as Auntie Karen by many of the recipients of my floors.

Ferret Affair is a sole proprietorship owned and operated by Karen Young, a single woman, whose ideas originate from a creative nature and a deep passion for our little companions. Ferret Affair was founded to provide pet owners with a quality line of innovative products, specializing in the needs and care of small domesticated animals.

Through test marketing I have developed strong working relationships with many of my customers which is necessary at any level but especially so when dealing on such a deeply emotional level as a person’s love and concern for their beloved companion. Ferret Affair does not operate solely for revenues generated, but instead for the commitment to the customer, which in turn, generates revenue.

While the ferret is my motivation, product application is not unique to ferrets and may be used for any small animal or exotic pet.

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