We Love Our Floors!

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“It’s terrific. I absolutely love it. Actually, I should say the kids love it. It’s the best thing out there.”
Kathy | mom2ferrets

“This is the best thing I have seen for the ferrets.!!”

Michelle | JstMeChell

“They LOVE it! Easy to put in place and the workmanship is wonderful. Anyone that has a ferret MUST have one or two of these. I can’t think of anything that I would change about these. You were right the material is great it wears well and it’s warm and snuggly inside.” P.S. Everyone that see their cage always remarks on the floor and asks “Where did they go?”

Kim | Lemons2860

I put my big guy in the top floor and threw some jingle cat balls in and OMG, Oh what fun he had!!! These floors are great for total Darkness, never mind the floor space.

Tootsie | Weaseluva

My kids love the floor. When I put them in they started to dook and jump for joy! This cage was a little crammed for them so I thought the level was a good idea, and it was! Thanks so much! If need be I might buy another!

Karen |ferret_galore

“The ferrets are having a blast!”

Gayle | gaylekadlec

“Wow! Fantastic job! Love the colors/fabric...just all of it!!”

Richard | rstrait

“Just got my floors a few minutes ago and they are AWESOME!!!!!”

Carolyn | mamalaw54

“We are so very happy with the floor! They just love it so much, and it frees up so much space and since I hate the snap-in floors so much, I am much happier too!! I would like to have another one made whenever you get the chance!

Bethany | vanillasugar_k03

It took the trio all of 5 minutes to figure it out and they LOVE it. Two of them think it’s just one big hammy to stretch out on and my one Troublemaker loves to climb inside and bounce the other two around.

Sandra |Shrtkake

“You’ve got a great product.”

Debby, President, West Coast Ferrets | weazelluv

“Excellent product. Better than wire or plastic floors/shelves!”

Donna, Broward Ferret Rescue & Referral

“I want these on my shelves!”

Joanna Marino, Manager, Petco in Plantation, Florida

Click any pic to see a larger view.

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