‘Taxi Hammie’

Are you tired of having to rig your hammocks in your carrier when you travel?
Does this look familiar?

Well now Ferret Affair has the answer for you!

The Taxi Hammie is here!!

Blanket is open in front and back for easy access.

Easy to install and a breeze to remove.

Attaches securely to the air vent holes on the side of the carrier.

Your kids can sleep on the hammie or stay warm and cozy covered by the built in blanketed area.

Whether your kids are just hanging out or going on a trip,
the Taxi Hammie makes it easy for you to make it safe and comfortable for them!!

Currently available in size small and medium.
Large size will be available soon.

~Small Taxi Hammie~
9 ½” X 13 ½”
~Medium Taxi Hammie~
11 ½” X 14 ½”
(measurements are the hammock itself and do not include the button tabs)

*The Taxi Hammie comes in a variety of colors – not necessarily the colors seen on website.

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Lazzzzy Daizzzzy Flower Floor Mat

Flower Floor mat...right out of the 60’s.
Five petals for sleep or play!
Comes in assorted fun fabrics and colors.

Access to inside petals through flower center.

Bottom of floor mat is denim, canvas or corduroy to help retain shape during use.
Inside is fleece lined and outside top is flannel or like cotton fabric.

Available in two sizes - Medium and Large.

Approx size: 27” square
Center openings 4½” - 5”
Petal opening 61/2”
Petals 8” deep by 10” wide
Approx size: 35” square
Center openings 4½” - 5”
Petal opening 81/2”
Petals 11” deep by 13” wide

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Make the time your pet has to spend in his cage the best it can be!!

The Fuzzy Floor is designed to enhance your existing cage by turning it into a multi-level home with plenty of recreation room and dark, private sleeping quarters.

Litter boxes, ladders, food and water bowls take up most of the cage floor leaving no room for fun!
Plastic or wire shelves are not big or safe enough to play on.
The Fuzzy Floor creates a whole new level of safe play space!
Each Fuzzy Floor installed increases useable cage space by 100%.

The unique design allows entrance through circular openings in the top and bottom layers to the next level or to cozy sleeping quarters in between.

Designed with the busy ferret’s lifestyle in mind, the Fuzzy Floor answers the ferret’s need to tunnel and frolic!

Sturdy enough for ferret play. Fuzzy Floors are built to last!

Fuzzy Floors come in three different models for a variety of cage sizes to accommodate what ever type of small animal you have.

Easy to install and machine washable.

Check out what they’re saying about Fuzzy Floors in our testimonials page!

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