"The Taxi Hammie"

Don’t struggle with trying to get cage style hammocks
in your carriers anymore!

Strong web tabs at all four corners with buttons that attach easily and securely to the carrier air vent holes.

The Taxi Hammie has a durable fabric bottom with the top and inside cozy & comfy.

The top blanket is open at both front and back for easy access to the bottom of carrier or in and out of carrier.

Currently available in small and medium carrier sizes with large coming soon.

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Please order below!

Order One
Taxi Hammie

SM $11.50
MED $12.00

TH single
Order Two
Taxi Hammies

SM $23.00
MED $24.00

TH dble
Order Three
Taxi Hammies

SM $34.50
MED $35.00

TH trpl
Many vibrant colors available, let us pick one for you!!

Custom color schemes available. Price subject to type of material requested.
Contact Ferret Affair for availability and pricing.

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